A portion of every purchase helps to offset carbon emissions through the 'Cool Effect' organization.

The Wall Snob Commitment to Sustainability

The 'Cool Effect' organization funds carefully selected, quality carbon offsetting projects around the world with the help of carbon offset purchases.

Learn more about Cool Effect here>

What are carbon emissions?
Carbon emissions are generated by us, humans and these are released into Earth’s atmosphere. This amount has increased exponentially and has led to a disruption of the natural carbon cycle.  Humans emit carbon just by living, with Americans emitting approximately 17 tonnes of carbon pollution per year. We emit more or less depending on certain factors (online shopping deliveries, travel, home efficiency, daily commute).

Why are carbon emissions bad?
Having too much of something is never good and having a higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has led to global warming which has negatively effected our climate and impacted every living species.

How do carbon offsets help?
A carbon offset is a reduction of carbon emissions to compensate for an equal amount of emissions from another source. With every order you make, a portion automatically goes to our continuous commitment to offset carbon. Each month, The Wall Snob purchases carbon offsets from Cool Effect, which funds carbon reducing projects. Learn more about the current carbon reducing projects here >